Wednesday, August 12, 2015

International Homeless Animals Day: Spreading Awareness

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This Saturday, August 15, is International Homeless Animals Day a day to educate and inform people about the overpopulation of animals and the spay and neuter solution. Animals are abandoned by their owners every single day or are left to shelters and rely on their kindness and goodwill. Today, International Homeless Animals Day has been celebrated with events across the entire United States, in 50 countries and on 6 continents.

At the Corona Animal Shelter you can help a homeless animal find their forever home. The adoption fee is only $15 if the dog or cat is already spayed or neutered. The cost of spaying or neutering an animal is anywhere from $40 to $90 depending on the size of the animal. The Corona Animal Shelter is dedicated to the care of animals and people in the community. To check out a list of the animals available for adoption right now head to the Adopt-a-Pet page. You’re only a quick 15 minute drive away from finding your new best friend at the Corona Animal Shelter.

Very soon however, the Corona Animal Shelter will be moving to Magnolia Avenue to a brand new animal shelter! The new shelter will be healthier and safer for the animals housed there. The new shelter will feature sanitary fiberglass panels to protect the dogs from infections. There will be isolation kennels far removed from the rest of the population of dogs in the event of an illness to prevent it from spreading to the rest of the dogs. The cats will be kept in comfortable condos and will have their own ventilation system to prevent respiratory illnesses like the one that swept through the shelter 4 years ago. This new shelter will be a great new temporary home to these animals while they wait to find their new families!

At Animal Friends of the Valleys, you can find a new furry friend in every pen. Right now, with every accepted application, cats are only $5 to adopt! Your new fluffy companion is there waiting for you! Every Saturday you can go to the Temecula Petco and see an adoption show to find a new friend to adopt. The shelter offers spaying/neutering and all the major shots and vaccinations needed to keep your new family member healthy and happy in their new lives with you.

International Homeless Animal Day is meant to raise awareness and spread knowledge about the overpopulation of animals. IHAD also teaches that the easiest solution to overpopulation is spaying and neutering your pets! So if you bring home a new pet with you from one of these shelters make sure to get it fixed to prevent adding to the overpopulation problems we’re already facing. We hope you find your new family member at one of the shelters!

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